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The steak was a large chunk of meat, usually beef that was grilled and served on a hot plate along with potatoes and vegetables. This food has been known for a long time with minimalist spices and using charcoal fire. In addition to beef, chicken and fish are also the main ingredients of steak. Most steaks are cut perpendicular to the muscle fibers, thus adding to the flesh’s flesh. Various sauces also add to the delicacy of steak.

Types & Variations

You must be familiar with the names of Sirloin, Tenderloin, T-Bone, and Rib. The names are the beef section offered in the menu. But do you know the origin of these names? Sirloin, the most common part, comes from the hind meat that is harder than the others. Sirloin prices are usually cheaper than other parts.

Tenderloin comes from the loin that is in front of the sirloin and behind the rib (rib). This meat has a soft texture. T-Bone is part of T-shaped bone that is surrounded by meat on both sides. While Rib / Rib is a meat that comes from around tulung ribs. Steak Rib served with ribs. If boneless, its name becomes Rib Eye Steak.

How to cook

Broadly speaking there are three ways of cooking that you can ask the waiter to your liking Well Done, Medium, and Rare. Well Done can be called mature right. The color of the meat is browned with a harsh meat condition because the water content evaporates a lot. Medium or half-baked still has a red color in the middle. While Steak Rare is mostly still red. If you are a true meat lover, Rare’s choice certainly can not be missed.


Before baking, meat usually first smeared with spices such as salt, pepper, spices and smeared butter tau olive oil. After that then given a steak sauce. The choice of sauce is certainly tailored to the meat that is ordered. Delicious taste of grilled meat tastes more with the right sauce. The sauce suitable for Steik Sirloin is certainly different from Chicken Steik. The usual sauce available is Mushroom Sauce, Black Pepper, Blue Cheese, Maitre d’butter, and Bernaise.

Mushroom Sauce or mushroom sauce consists of champignon slices and shitake mushrooms that taste creamy, savory, and slightly sweet. Like Spicy? Pick a Black Pepper Sauce that tastes typical of black pepper. If you want a different Bernaise sauce with tasty tarragon taste tasty on the tongue. Making this sauce is quite unique because it uses the basic ingredients yellow egg and white wine which is then whipped and in-team.

Another with maitre’d butter sauce, which is solid like lontong. However, the density of the sauce will soon melt once it is placed on top of the steaming hot beef. The smell of butter mixed with parsley, red onion, pepper, and salt was fragrant flirting taste.Steak Anti Diabetes

May be for those of you who care about health or diabetics should try the fish steak alternative. Despite losing a touch of typical meat fibers, fish meat steaks such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, gindara, and dori are proven to be healthy.

At least that’s the result of research from Norwegian University and Technology who conducted a series of studies on the effects of fish oil supplements (omega-3 fatty acids) to blood lipoprotein levels in diabetics. After the participants took this supplement for 9 weeks, the results can lower blood glucose levels.

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