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Waiter Colouring PagesHow To Be A Good Waiter

Working as a restaurant waiter, both men and women, can be challenging, regardless of experience or not. It takes time to read this article and reflect on it, so make sure you are not in a busy situation. The smile of the restaurant visitor, the satisfaction of the employer, and the tip money jar will increase if you improve your service.

  1. Always look worthy. If you wear a uniform, make sure your uniform is in good condition – smooth, non-stain, and clean. If there is no uniform, put on formal wear. This makes the first good impression in the eyes of consumers and will make your boss happy. Check your appearance regularly to find out if you spill something on your clothes unknowingly.
  • Nail your scissors and keep it clean.
  • Use good shoes, not tennis shoes, then make sure your shoes are clean.
  • Never use sandals.
  • Avoid the use of perfumes since some guests may have allergies to aroma perfume.
  • Do not smoke before work or at rest because it will leave a sharp aroma.
  • Dress up naturally and use the soft makeup.

2. Know the order list carefully. Knowing every thing in the order list will take a lot of time for you and avoid the wrong message. Learn the ordering list as you can to avoid slow-moving mistakes and times.

  • Learn the options available for each order. If guests order sandwiches, then you should know which bread is available, what companion meals come packets with the sandwich, and how to explicitly ask this guest.
  • Know what foods contain meat, milk, and other allergic triggers, such as nuts. Be prepared to suggest similar choices for your guests who can not consume these materials.
  • Know the special foods list on the day before work hours.

3. Suggest additional purchases. Ask your guests politely whether they want to drink, condiments, or increase the size of the order. Restaurant management will love you and your tip money will increase as your guest orders grow.

  • Find out where expensive and high-quality liquors are. Suggest the use of the drink when the guest asks for a selection of drinks.
  • Always ask if guests want entrees.
  • Do not force the guests too. Offer politeness to the guests politely and do not offer the added measure of food as it is obtained for free.

4. Do multiple work at the same time. You will have a working hour that feels easier if you can complete three jobs one way to the kitchen. Always grab a dirty plate from the table as you walk into the kitchen. Fill the tray when some desks want herbs, drinks, or other similar stuff.

  • Write down guest orders immediately and add notes if you need to remind yourself to do something in the next five to ten minutes. You do not have to do this if you are an experienced and confident woman waitress that you remember all of your tasks.

5. Set your time well. Record how long you interact with a guest desk and start knowing how long a food is cooked. Plan to visit each table after guests complete their meal. Move calmly, without running and try to keep your tempo so that everything goes smoothly.

  • Inform your guests about the time it takes to wait. If someone orders a steak meat cooked, inform them that this order will take longer. If a bowl of soup is out and your chef needs to make a new one, let your guests know how long they should wait and suggest alternative food or drink alternatives.

6. Check orders before being delivered to guests. Especially when there is a special request, you should ensure that the order is correct and appropriate before it is served.

  • If there is an error on the order, inform the kitchen and guests. Please apologize for the extra time you need. If allowed by the restaurant, try to discount the food.

7. Provide general requests that are normally requested by guests. Most guests want chili sauce for their bakery order. Children often drop a spoon or fork. When you know which requests are common to the food served or to guests, take them first. This will save you the actual time needed and make your guests feel comfortable.

  • Extra food utensils or condiments and napkins can be stored inside your apron.

8. Do not let tip money destroy your hours. Do not complain about the small cash tip to guests, regardless of the kind of service you provide. You can not just be fired, but your co-worker can label you as a Refugee and break your relationship with them.

  • Some of the guests have never paid the tip properly, regardless of what service they provide. There is also a type of guest who can not afford to tip money or visit a country where the tip money is not common.

9.Never sit down without doing anything. If no guest is served, start cleaning the table! Lots of work can be done in the restaurant. Show your boss that you can take initiative and a hard worker.

  • If your current desk does not require attention, see also other guests. Some of them may call a female servant for a small request you can meet without plowing your co-worker’s job.

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