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Spaghetti Colouring Pages

About this Tasty Spaghetti Colouring Page

The history of spaghetti is as flavorful as the food itself! Although pasta is associated with Italian food, it has long been thought that Marco Polo brought this food back to Italy from a trip to China in 1295, but there are references to pasta that exist in Italy before that date and noodles and noodles such as Polo food are described as China is made different from traditional spaghetti.

So where does spaghetti history begin?

Since records in ancient times are not so great, it’s hard to say for sure. The ancient Greeks and Romans did eat some kind of dough that might have been similar to spaghetti, but they were cooked in stone. Arabs eat boiled noodles that they like pasta and may have introduced these foods to Italy healing their conquests over Sicily and even some ancient Sicilian recipes including spices introduced by the Arabs. One thing for sure though, spaghetti is back, the old way!

More modern history of spaghetti has a direct connection to Italy. This country climate is suitable for growing Durham wheat that provides the semolina needed for good spaghetti so no matter how it comes from, you can be sure the food has been widely used throughout the region for centuries.

It may also have been the Italians who originate eating spaghetti the way we know it today and thus play an important role in the history of spaghetti. Tomatoes are introduced to the old world hundreds of years after pasta. It did not take long to discover that this was a match made in heaven and the first known record of recipes that incorporate tomatoes and pasta was written in 1839 by the Duke of Buonvicino. Before the combination was delicious, the spaghetti eaten was dry – and probably a good thing as the fork was not found until after the pasta!

It is hard to believe that with all this ancient history of spaghetti, that it was only popular in the United States since the 1920s. Introduced by immigrants from southern Italy, these foods are rapidly gaining popularity and are the staple food of today. There are over 150 different varieties and tons of different sauces that you can combine them with. Of course, the best quality pasta is still made with 100% semolina proving that you can not improve perfection!

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