Very Cheesy and Spicy Burger & Hotdog Colouring Pages

Burger & Hotdog Colouring Pages

About this Very Cheesy and Spicy Burger & Hot Dog Colouring Page

Unique History Name Hotdog Sausage

In 1852, the sausage-producing union in the city of Frankfurt innovated and made a new type of sausage. In contrast to other sausages that have a larger shape, hotdog sausages are made thinner. The sleeve is made translucent with stuffed meat and various spices mixture. Its long form is like a tackle dog. The idea of ​​this form is recommended by a sausage maker who does have a pet dog (dachshund). From there he gave ideas to his colleagues to bend a bit of sausage to resemble the body of a tackle dog. Hotdog sausage is a frankfurter sausage originating from Germany. Although the frankfurter sausage comes from Germany, hot dogs are popular and produced in the United States.

The longer this sausage is known to many people, and at one time there are pie sellers who do not get many customers because the pie is sold in a cold state. And finally the pie sellers are switching to sell hot dogs. One day he came up with an idea, where he finally decided to sell a hot tap dog sausage clamped with bread so that buyers did not have to carry a plate. The sausage was added with various herbs and vegetables. To heat the sausage, it only requires a small brazier and a pan. He named his merchandise ‘Frakfurter Sandwiches’ and the results are selling well.

In New York City, a piggy dog ​​sausage entrepreneur named Harry Stevens told his employees to sell the tinkle dog sausage in every baseball game while shouting, “Red-hot dachshund sausages !.” One day, a renowned cartoon artist, Ted Dorgan, watched the salesman scream, then got the inspiration to draw a tampered dog with a mustard, clamped with bread. Because the dachshund is hard to pronounce mostly Americans, the image is called hotdog (hot dog). The image is loaded in various media. Hotdog sausage title became famous.

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