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Donuts Colouring Pages

About Variety Decorated Donuts Colouring Pages

Donuts are one type of food, made from flour, sugar, egg, and butter dough. The entire dough is then mixed and stirred evenly, until it gets the perfect dough. The dough is then formed like a ring with a hole in the middle, then fried in hot oil. To decorate it, can add meises, sugar flour, cream, and so on.

Basically, famous donuts as food or cakes are hollow. The form is like this is the initial form of donuts, since the first time made. But as time passes, Donat undergoes many changes and new variations. Donut shape is not only hollow, but there are some that are made without holes and even made with various shapes such as heart shape, plot, and so forth.

As one of the favorite foods in the world, many people are curious about the origin of the donut. A number of questions related to these donuts began to appear. Some of them like: When and where is the first time donuts are made? Who is the inventor? and why the shape is made perforated in the middle?

That’s the public question that arises about the donut. Actually, the cake is made by fried in advance of this, it has been there since a long time ago. Some even say that the donut or the fried pie, has been found among the artifacts of a primitive Indian tribe. The donut found was already petrified.

In America itself, donuts have been so well known by the inhabitants for a long time, to the point that the donuts are typical American cakes. But the inventor is still a mystery, because no one knows for sure about this.

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