Traditional Canoe Coloring Pages

Canoe Coloring PagesAbout the Traditional Canoe Colouring Pages

As early as human civilization, canoeing activities have been carried out extensively. As it is known to know that 75% of the world’s area is covered by water. In this regard, people in ancient times have used the waterways as their primary source of transportation. Traveling through the waterway is faster than land road. In fact, most human settlements are also centered on the rivers.

As such, the community has used tropical forests to make water vehicles by punching or burning wood core. This vehicle is known as dugout canoe. In Europe, the forest is rich in soft woods and waterproof leather. They build a canoe frame of wood and its walls use birch bark. This vehicle is named Canadian Canoe.

Arctic inhabitants have limited timber resources, but once they have a lot of skins and bones from whales and seals. Therefore, they construct canoe frames from wood or animal bones and coated with animal skins. This vehicle is named Inuit or Kayak Eskimo.

These three situations have given rise to various canoe designs. Up to now kayaking and canoe use still retain the features above. However, as technology progresses, there are some drastic changes in terms of material, size and weight and number of paddlers.

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