The Talented Photographer Colouring Pages

Photographer Colouring Pages About The Talented Photographer Using Handphone Colouring Pages

1) We need to know that the camera can capture the big picture, the distance, know Mega Pixel (MP), OK?

2) Hand is a tripod (site) to the mobile phone, so be aware of “vibrate” on hand, sometimes because of excitement (see a celebrity or look at historical events) in front of the eyes, hand control to be a gigil to avoid being in control of excitement in the heart, focusing on ‘want to be beautiful’, and think positive, the picture does not cope with the ‘rocking’ level.

3) To appreciate what’s around, If you take a picture at home, learn to use lights, diligent window bolts for natural light entry, if you use lights. If outdoors, take advantage of the sun. Then if there is a cun subject (family member) or a cute model (like a cat or hamster) please use it as a model.

4) Learn abstinence concepts, abstinence, take pictures as much as possible, and tilt the phone (main angel’s name), if diligently use props (material or tool in a place of shoot), use. Hiding back the leaves, you want to shoot from the top of the chair, the subject is near the bottom to, do, try, try and try.- this is a training before using the camera right.

5) Lastly, back to the first, already aware of the level of ability of the mobile phone camera, learning the exchange of settings, playing around with the technology.

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