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NURSES may be considered an unparalleled career. That is why some do not appreciate or realize their presence until one of our loved ones is hospitalized and needs careful care every time. It was then that we realized how noble the nurses were

Some may say, it is their responsibility to care for the patient or they are paid for the tasks, but the reality is not all of us are willing to do it. Who is able to breathe with pus and blood every day. It is necessary to clean the stools and injuries of the patients who have been rotten and smelly. But the nurses are willing to set aside all that.

Not only are the salaries paid but also the service to the community, especially those who suffer from various illnesses requiring careful observation and care. Imagine if no one is willing to become a nurse because of being amused and disgusted to approach the patient.

Careers as a nurse need a high sacrifice, they are not only responsible for maintaining the patient but need to provide a good service until the patient is completely healed.

Patience with the various modes and disabilities of the patient on every working day is a challenge to be addressed in addition to the role of emergency response in all circumstances that endanger the patient’s life.

Their role is not only to help doctors but rather to perform the smooth work of treating and conducting clinical procedures with professionally. It is not unreasonable if nurses are said to play a role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the doctor and can be regarded as the backbone of the success of a medical operation.

Even the sacred career of this holy angel is recognized as having a bright future and promising lucrative income.

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