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Body Builder Colouring PagesBodybuilding For The Skinny Man

Follow this exercise in helping bodybuilding for people like you:

Barbely and Dumbbell Exercise Techniques

  1. Lying in a comfortable position. Hold the barbell or dumbbell strongly so as not to escape the grip of the hand.
  2. The hand is on the shoulder barrel. Should not exceed the shoulder or too close as it will affect the formation of chest muscles.
  3. Flush the body to focus on the chest.
  4. Take a deep breath then blow when the barbell is lifted.
  5. Do it six to eight times to build body strength and if you want to focus on muscle strength, do eight to 12 times.

Chest Fly Machine

  1. Sit in comfort.
  2. Pull the holder outwards so that you can feel tension or pain in the chest.
  3. Then point the handle forward but make sure it does not touch each other.
  4. Make it repeated in eight to 12 counts.
  5. This machine is used to form the width of the chest.

Incline Bench Press Machine

  1. Works to get the upper chest thickness.
  2. Perform the same steps as lifting the barbell and the dumbbell.

Hopefully with this exercise exercise can help you to get the shape you want to solve the bodybuilding problem for the skinny person like you.

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