The Kaaba Colouring Page

The Kaaba Colouring Page

About the Kaaba Colouring Page

The house of worship which is meant by the verse is the Kaaba. That is, the Arabic word means a place of high esteem and greatness, as well as meaningful cube-shaped square. The Kaaba in Mecca is not only described as the first synagogue but is also said to be the first building built on this earth, from the time of the Prophet Adam a.s again.

Perhaps corresponds to some of the other titles given to the Kaaba, ie Baitul Ateeq which means the earliest or the longest (the Kaaba is also called Baitul Haram which means a respected House). It is said that God had ordered Adam to build a building similar to Baitul Makmur in the sky.

That is the privilege of the Kaaba that remains to this day when it has a position in line with Baitul Makmur’s position in the sky. According to Ibn Abbas’s narration, the Prophet s.a.w mentions that the City of Mecca was chosen as the place of the Ka’bah as its position in line with the position of Baitul Makmur in the realm of the angels.

Baitul Makmur is a special place created by God for the angels to perform tawaf in place of the original place of the Throne. This is because the Throne of the area is very wide and if it does to spend one tawaf it may reach time to the Day of Judgment.

Before the creation of Baitul Makmur, all angels were standing around the Throne while beristighfar, praising and raising God as proof of their obedience to the Almighty God. It was said that when Abraham was late, he was commanded by God to build the Kaaba with the help of his son Ismail.

The Prophet Abraham and his son were ordered by God to rebuild the Kaaba which some of the building’s history was built on a heap of rocks and clay from the former kaaba of the Ka’bah which collapsed by the great floods and hurricanes that hit in the days of Noah.

The construction of the Kaaba by Prophet Ibrahim is said to be using stones from the seven hills around the city of Mecca. The Ka`bah’s building has two main angles, namely the Al-Hajarul Al-Aswad Rukun and the Yamani Rukun and a curved corner at the opposite side of the two corners.

When building the Kaaba, Abraham said to Ismail: “Bring a good stone to me for me to put it in one corner so that it is a sign to the people.”

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