The Jewel Of Borneo: Orang Utan Colouring Pages

Orang Utan Colouring PagesAbout The Jewel Of Borneo: Orang Utan Colouring Pages

They have a fat and large body, large neck, long and strong arms, short and bowed legs, and no body.

The orangutan has a height of about 1.25-1.5 meters.

The orangutan’s body was covered with red-brown hair. They have a big head with a high mouth position.

When reaching the level of sexual maturity, the male orangutan has a fat temple on both sides, a large crown, hair becomes long and grows a beard around the face. They have the same senses as human beings, namely hearing, sight, olfactory, tasting, and feeling.

Male orangutan weight is about 50-90 kg, while female orangutans weigh about 30-50 kg.
Their palm has 4 long fingers plus 1 thumb. Their soles also have a set of fingers that are very similar to humans.

Orangutans are still included in large species of apes like gorillas and chimps. The large apes enter the mammalian classification, have a large brain size, a forward-looking eye, and a hand that can hold a grip.

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