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Features of a Good Coach

1) Sport intelligence / Sport intelligence

The features of this trainer are, curious, creative, open-minded. In addition, the coach can also assess a sports situation quickly and accurately. The clever coach has gone through various experiences to be used as an opportunity to learn more about athletes and sports.

2) Drive

The characteristics of this coach are, goal-oriented goals. The way this trainer is, will not wait for something to happen, but will make it work. Coaches are also not easy to give up on their efforts despite the challenges faced.

3) Challenges

The coach has a high level of patience as it is not easy to train athletes to become experts in a sports field. Improved athlete performance is slowly attained and may be less consistent. The coach has to set a realistic achievement standard so it is not easy to despair when it does not achieve a goal.

4) Emotional commitment

The coach needs to have social commitment with the athlete to have any problems arise, which can be overcome by mutual discussions. This will encourage positive responses from athletes.

5) Knowledgeable

Trainers must master rules in a game, or safety rules. Additionally, coaches need to master techniques and tactics, knowledge of sports issues so that athlete’s performance can improve.

6) Sure

A coach with high self-esteem will be honored by the athlete. This facilitates the coach to refer the member.

Coach Role

1) Strategic regulator
Forming long-term human resource development plans to ensure the achievement of the mission and vision of an organization.

2) Manager
Involves work designing, implementing, managing and monitoring training activities.

3) Designer
Designing programs, setting objectives, organizing course content, designing strategies, designing and planning assessments.

4) Friends
Empowering athletes to express feelings and problems and time to emphasize the relationship between coach and athlete

5) Educator
Coaches play a role in providing information on sports issues to athletes. In addition, coaches are also responsible for directing athletes to do something besides helping to solve problems that hit athletes.

6) Coach
The coach plays the role of athlete reaching the highest level of performance. The coach also plays a role in improving the fitness of athletes.

7) Promotion / Motivator
The coach also needs to be the best source of athlete to the athlete to perform the best

8) Tuber builder
Coaches need to organize a team by means of establishing a fund, for example a disaster-affected athlete fund.

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