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September 25th was selected as World Pharmaceutical Expert Day date since 1912, in a congress in Istanbul, Turkey. But in Malaysia, the celebration of World Pharmaceutical Day celebrations has been felt over the past few years on the initiative of several parties to bring this profession to the hearts of the people.

Everyone may not fully recognize the duties of a pharmacist as they understand the function of a doctor. Often pharmacists are called doctors even when in their own pharmacy premises because in the eyes of the community, the appearance of these two professions looks almost the same.

Wear white coat and is often seen in the ward or at the drug counter either in a hospital, government clinic or in a community pharmacy. They are the officers or pharmacists who play a big role in the health aspect of society. Pharmacists work in various sectors such as the public health sector in hospitals or clinics, the enforcement sector, the community pharmaceutical sector, the pharmaceutical industry sector, the research sector and more.

Among the important roles of a pharmacist is to ensure that the medicines given to the patient are accurate with the safe dose to treat the patient. Remembering when I was working in a community pharmacy. The customers are so crowded that they need to queue. There is a angry customer who said “Hey, guess the tablet is slipping into?” In fact, the job of a pharmacist is not just a tablet. There is something bigger on the contrary.

A pharmacist is an expert on drug indications, how drugs act on the human body, side effects of medication, safe dose for infants, children and the elderly, drugs that can be taken or can not be taken for certain groups such as people with chronic illness, the correct selection of medicines to treat minor illnesses.

This assignment is becoming increasingly important as people now like to buy a product that is tular in social media without checking the validity of the information displayed and its safety. There are cosmetics, food additives and mixtures that contain substance abuse and are at risk of adverse effects on health such as unregistered mercury, sibutramine, sildenafil and steroids.

Here, the Pharmacy Enforcement Division plays a very important role in addressing the issue of selling products containing a mixture of illicit drugs. This is especially important for patients with chronic diseases such as kidney patients, diabetes, heart and cancer.

Community pharmaceuticals can play an important role in reaching out to the public to promote appropriate drug or supplements. Community pharmacies are not a grocery store. A paracetamol drug is sold in a grocery store to treat fever without having to deal with the seller.

On the other hand, in a community pharmacy, you may be asked by a pharmacist about the purpose and for whom you bought the drug. This is because we know how much dosage of paracetamol is suitable for you or your child to avoid complications in the liver.

Not many know that basic health checks such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels can be done in community pharmacies. A pharmacist has the knowledge to give you counseling and to suggest that you improve your health. In fact, we can help you to explain about the medicines you take at your clinic or hospital.

Community pharmacies are a place to visit if you have mild illnesses like fever, flu, cough, skin allergies, scabies, lice and more. A pharmacist is usually given permission to provide a drug from the Group C category, which does not require a doctor’s prescription.

If the patient needs further treatment, the pharmacist will advise the patient to see the doctor and get the prescription medication. Do not be upset if the pharmacy can not provide you with no valid prescription medicines because antibiotics and chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and hypertension require you to have a prescription from a doctor first.

Pharmacists are among the forefront of the national health system to promote proper health care and minor illnesses. In fact, we are ready to be with the community in the effort to produce a healthy, productive society and contribute to religion, race and nation.

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