The Athletic Runner Colouring Pages

Athletics Colouring PagesWhat Makes Successful Runners?

Although most of us are not professional athletes but surely we want to be a good runner, or even we want to be better than other runners. Runners who are considered successful, whether athletes, elite runners, or recreational runners, have some similarities.

1) They ask for help when they need it

There is almost always a team behind a runner: coach, run group, physiotherapist, family, or even sports psychologist. Although having a team like this does not always guarantee someone will be a great runner, but every runner should know when to ask for help and to whom he should ask for the help. Do we have difficulty finding motivation to start the next training cycle? Is there pain in the leg while running? Consult our difficulties on the right and qualified parties so that the solution can be found immediately.

2) They focus on long-term goals without ignoring details

The best runners have the ability to concentrate on one end goal they want to achieve. These ideals become their fuel in daily training.

3) They have a determination

They are the ones who will not let anything block them from achieving their goals.

4) They determine priority

Not everyone can do all things together: training, career, family, and social life. We must determine the order of priority and build the schedule of exercises based on the order in order to maintain a balanced, physical and mental life.

5) They ask

Successful runners not only rely on trainer’s knowledge. They also do their own research and ask for an explanation of the training program they are taking, and always pay attention to the signs that their bodies show.

6) They have ambitions

There are moments where every elite runner has dreamed to run at the Olympics, to run at the Boston Marathon, or to run for his country. But this dream is not just the elite runner. Even runners who have never reached the podium can have ambitious ambitions. Want to finish the marathon in three hours? Want to finish ultramarathon? Please and do.

7) They try hard

Ambition is required to motivate us. But the goal will not be achieved if we do not work hard to achieve it. Hard work often means giving all the effort we have. Perform each training session with a vigor, not just because it is a duty today. And not just exercises, practicing breaks and serious recovery periods.

8) They have discipline

In order to present the best performance, it often means to sacrifice some of the things we usually do – get up an hour early to run before the office, refusing to invite friends to socialize on weekend nights because the day is a long run schedule, these are some the examples we often face as runners.

9) They have a sportive spirit

Even the best runner must have been defeated. But our attitude toward failure is often the key to our success in the future. Being a humble winner and being a loser but still honored and always respecting competitors is a hallmark of great athletes.

10) They are optimistic

Running track is full of fluctuations. Many runners will talk about the injuries they are experiencing, the race that does not go as planned, the loss of motivation, and other things that happen outside our will. But great runners are always able to see the bright side in every way, they will focus on what to do at the moment and have the dedication to fight through all obstacles.

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