Wonderful Teacher and Student Colouring Pages

Wonderful Teacher and Student Colouring Pages

The importance of building good relationships between teachers and students

Building a good relationship with pupils is a continuous process. The teacher-student relationship is not intertwined in an instant. This relationship requires effort from both sides. The teacher-pupil relationship will be well-established when students are happy and enjoy the learning and teaching activities in the classroom. Teacher-pupil relationships also impact the routine travel in the classroom. Teachers who succeed in building good communication with pupils can organize routines and rules in the classroom more transparent and effective.

According to Good and Brophy (2002), respected and student-friendly teachers can work with their pupils in the success of their classroom activities. As a result, these activities will have a positive impact on students’ academic achievement and self-concept of students and teachers. Students who are happy to communicate with the teacher will be able to express their concerns and share their thoughts with the teacher. This can directly improve their academic performance. Improving student performance will contribute to enhancing their self-concept. Teacher-pupil relations should be initiated as early as possible. Beginning from the beginning of the school term, teachers should plan the steps that need to be taken to form a positive relationship with their students. Sometimes this relationship takes a long time to form. Teachers need to know the social and academic background of students to determine the pattern of relationships that are appropriate to their students. There are some benefits of establishing positive relationships between teachers and students.

In terms of goodness to the teacher, good teacher-teacher relations encourage motivation and enthusiasm for teachers to teach. Teachers who build good relationships with their students can smooth out teaching and learning. When teaching and learning activities work smoothly, teachers will become more motivated to teach.

In addition, students are more likely to be controlled. A good teacher-teacher relationship will result in collaboration between teacher-pupils. For example, with a good relationship, students will be happy to work with teachers in compliance with established classroom rules. As a result, teachers can manage and control students more effectively.

At the same time, pupils will have an impact on teacher teaching. Teaching activity will be more fun and effective if there is a solid collaboration of the students. The involvement of active students in teaching and learning activities encourages teachers to provide more practical and effective activities.

Teacher relationships with pupils can also make teachers control pupils to carry out teaching activities more effectively. This effectiveness will increase the image of the teacher. Teachers will be more respected and glorified. This image will have a positive impact on the teacher’s self-confidence.

Positive student teacher relationships also bring benefits to students. Students are more interested in learning. Students who communicate well with teachers can express their concerns and give their views. Teachers can also provide the desired feedback that students can accept. Two-way communication and a good democratic relationship will stimulate the students’ interest in engaging in teaching and learning activities.

In addition, pupils will be more cooperative with teachers. The good teacher-teacher relationship gives students the opportunity to work closely with their teachers. Students have the opportunity to be more closely with their teacher. This allows the teacher to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his students and provide appropriate assurance.

Teacher and student relationships also work to improve students’ academic achievement. Teachers who can relate well to their pupils will be able to identify the ability of their students. Friendly and conducive relationships enable teachers to help students improve their academic performance.

In addition, students will be more motivated to learn. A good relationship between teacher and student allows teachers to evoke the intrinsic motivation of students. Friendly and close pupils with teachers will be encouraged to learn more diligently.

There are many advantages that are obtained from the good relationship between teacher and student. Among them include reducing disciplinary problems, forming muha’s personalities and being models that other students and teachers can follow. Good relationships can benefit both parties who can contribute to improved teacher and student performance.

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