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Giraffes are local mammals in dry savanna pastures, but giraffes take much higher than other animals. Diet Giraffe mostly leaves the acacia and wild apricots, other than shoots, fruits and other plants. Most acacia trees have developed a high growth strategy and have sharp and long thorns to prevent animals being eaten. Giraffe forms a combination of features such as long neck, tongue, skull, cheeks and long shoulders allowing it to reach the height of the tree. Usually a small branch is pulled into the giraffe mouth by using his long tongue and then his head is pulled while the leaves are combed through his rare teeth like a bulldozer.

The extreme height of the giraffe means to drink it needs to leverage his legs, even kneeling. When standing, his heart was forced to pump high pressure to reach the brain. When bowed, one-way valve series acts to control blood pressure and flow in order not to damage the brain.

Usually the giraffe requires a grazing area of ​​about 160 square kilometers / 62 square miles. Giraffe is a native animal in Africa, Giraffe is associated with deer and cattle, the remains are placed in different families, Giraffidae, who have only giraffes and their closest sibling, Okapi.

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