Talking Green And Red Parrots Colouring Pages

Parrot Colouring PagesAbout Talking Green And Red Parrots Colouring Pages

The Parrots (Cacatuidae tribe) is a kind of ornamental bird that has a beautiful feather with a fairly loud noise. This species is one of the birds with a fairly good intelligence, so it is often used for entertainment events in zoos or other entertainment venues.

The small yellow-crested Parrots species usually live in pairs or small groups. Very striking when flying, with a flick of wings fast and strongly interspersed with motion drifting and shouting. When speaking out of the perch, the jambul is fixed and lowered. This type is depressed with a shocking population explosion over the last 10-15 years, due to the excessive arrest for bird cage trade, and is now scarce as a result of this activity.

These species live at an altitude of 0-1520 meters above sea level, usually clustered. Parrots in general are aged up to 60 years and even more.

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