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Tailor Colouring PagesHow to Make a Success In Tailoring

Today I want to share a little share of my experience. What made me not tired and still running the same business. Despite the great success and goals I have yet to achieve, but high confidence and goals are increasingly clear after learning.

The first thing that made me continue this business was because of interest. That interest is very important in maintaining our momentum in whatever we do.

Perhaps many do not look at the career of a tailor. Many do not care about their existence though their interests can not be ignored. They are very important. If they did not, we would not have dressed. Right?

Here, I want to give you some tips and guidance on how you want to succeed in the field of stitches.

First: You need to learn. Keep learning. Do not just rely on the Certificate from your study as the stitches are strongly related to fashion. Fashion is fast changing. Too fast. You may not be able to catch up.

Second: But if you lack capital and have no time to learn sewing, choose what fashion is frenzied. The latest trend is fashion muslimah. Western fashion has also been tending towards fashion. Choosing trends and fashion can make a difference in earning income.

Third: Learn to design. You do not believe that every tailor has the ability to design? True. Many do not realize their abilities. Perhaps because many are sewing in a corner of the house which shows no guarantee of success, then they feel humble in their abilities. You are actually NEXT TO DESIGNER. Do not underestimate yourself.

Fourth: Learn business science and marketing. This is also very important. Most of those who started the sewing business were those who started from home. Choosing online marketing is an option. So you always need to upgrade yourself about online marketing. If you have no basis and expect others to help. Maybe without you being aware, you will be deceived them. Be careful.

Fifth: Learn the science of credentials. You need to install the correct imagination and intentions. Many think that they need to be their lifelong tailor. This is the wrong assumption. If you have this assumption, you will surely be faced with feelings of disappointment and you stop from this field. Why I say this is because, quality stitching will give a lot of demand. We can not do it alone. You must be tired. Learn to lend your work to others.

Sixth: Learn branding. This is very important for you to climb the ladder of success. You will not be able to succeed if you do not place branding in your business. You will be against the price if there is no branding. What is branding? There are many meanings that you want to tell the purpose of branding but the clearer and lift your branding is VALUE. So, start with branding.

Seventh: Choose the right branding. Many think that this branding simply select a name and use microsoft word to create a name then we show our branding. Or many who want to save cost, then look for the cheapest for their logo. This is also wrong. Look for expensive but pay attention to the example of their work before agreeing. We look for design that meets the quality design features. If the design offered meets the features, the price is the number two.

Eighth: Answer 4 questions in my previous post. If you failed to answer these 4 questions, then you will see your business going to failure.

Ninth: Must have a great ambition. As a Tailor, you need to install a great ambition. Now that you have learned the skills of cutting and sewing clothes, take the next step. Learn the science FASHION DESIGNER. As I said earlier, when you study your sewing knowledge is NEXT TO DESIGNER.

Tenth: It is important to know what is happening is REMAINING, GROWING AND CONTINUING.

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