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France is famous for its diverse culinary menu that is delicious and special. If you hear the term French gastronomy, you may be immediately pictured with a variety of exclusive French specialties, and fancy from the start escargot, bouillabaisse, and foie gras. Not only that, there are also various types of French bread that became a daily menu in every home like baguette bread to Croissant.

Launched the Reader’s Digest page on Friday (6/10/2017), the encyclopedia of Larousse Gastronomique published in the 1960s mentions that croissants appeared during the war at Buda (now Budapest), Hungary in 1686. It is said that the Ottoman imperial troops of Turkey who wanted to seize back the town of Buda at that time digging the tunnel beneath the city. The bakers in the city who usually work at night often hear the sound of excavation activities.

Bread Shaped Crescent

It was this that eventually made the strategy of attack from the Turkish Imperial military fail. To celebrate this the bakers in Buda created a crescent-shaped pastry now known as a croissant. The shape of the crescent moon refers to the emblem in the imperial Ottoman eplem. In addition to this version, there are other stories about the origin of croissants but all mention the link between the crescent shape and the Ottoman imperial emblem

The strange thing is that there is no sufficient explanation of how the creations finally came to France and became iconic in the country. Another interesting fact is there is no word “Croissant” in the dictionary page until 1853. In 1905, in Paris circulated the first written recipe that contains how to make a type of pastry similar to a croissant.

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