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Iron pandas is a title for the well-known and proficient individuals in the field of iron work. Someone who demonstrates the characteristic and proven ability is usually recognized as an expert in the field. The “Clever Iron” skill is focused on attempting to forge traditional weapons such as keris, chalung, machete, sword, and so on as well as producing traditional farming equipment. Digging tools, motives and craftsmanship and how to form weapons showcase the “Iron Mavericks” expertise themselves.

Iron-stroke works started by burning the iron in a charcoal stove blown with a electric blower. Once the iron becomes soft by high heat, the blacksmith will begin to forge in the desired shape.

For iron that is too hard, the hydraulic hammer machine will be used to knock the iron to flatten it. This powerful knocking machine can rock the workshop site. Even heavy machines are used but actual builds will be made manually tap.

The final process and important in the manufacture of sharp tools such as this knife is the process of brushing. High skill is required for this epilepsy process to determine the sharpness and quality of the equipment.

According to the Dewan Dictionary, aging means “harden the iron by burning and dipping in water”. For weapons that require eye acuity such as grappling knives, in addition to the use of high-quality steel manpower skills by craftsman is also an important factor. Iron burned at high temperature will be dipped in water based on the color of the iron being burned.

Among the diets are water, clay water and black oil. The expertise of a blacksmith will be more prominent if he is skilled in the work of the brush. This is because in the context of traditional craftsmanship the craftsmen do not have the tools to measure the exact temperature during the blades. They only make a difference based on the color of the burning iron, whether blue, white, yellow or red. Once finished blowing the teacher Fauzi will sharpen the machete as the final process before being tested and handed over to the customer.

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