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There is no clear difference between the Malayan and the Indochinese tiger in pelage or skull size. It was proposed as a distinct subspecies on the basis of mtDNA and micro-satellite sequences that differs from the Indochinese tiger.

Males range in total length from 190–280 cm (75–110 in) and weigh between 47.2 to 129.1 kg (104 to 285 lb), while females range from 180–260 cm (71–102 in) and 24 to 88 kg (53 to 194 lb).

The population was roughly estimated at 250 to 340 adult individuals in 2013, and likely comprised less than 200 mature breeding individuals at the time. The geographic division between Malayan and Indochinese tigers is unclear as tiger populations in northern Malaysia are contiguous with those in southern Thailand. In Singapore the last tiger was shot in 1932; tigers are considered extirpated since the 1950s.

Did You Know That A Tiger Could Be Differentiate By The Strip On Its Body. Just Like In Stripy and Fierce Himalayan Tiger Colouring Pages provides a link to download Stripy and Fierce Himalayan Tiger Colouring Pages. To download please follow the steps provided. 

1. Right click on the images above.
2. Choose “saved image”.
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4. After that, download as steps 1 and 2.

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