St Basil’s Cathedral Colouring Page

St Basil's Cathedral Colouring Page

About St Basil Cathedral Colouring Page

St Basil Cathedral is a small church located on the southeastern edge of the Red Square area. Originally named Trinity Church and then mistakenly called Cathedral. It consists of only two floors and 9 small rooms or two-story chapels and one chapel on the ground floor. Each room / chapel can only be filled only 5 people. Therefore to enter into must ngantri and can not linger long inside. The morning when it was opened was a good time to get into this mini church because no one had arrived yet.

In general this ancient church building is very nice and well preserved. Since built in 1555 may be said to remain colorful as ice cream contong. Therefore it is often called Lollypop Cathedral. Because the building is so small then to go upstairs must go up the stairs that are almost vertical. I do not know at all painting on the wall and the function of each room why in a building there is 9 + 1 chapel because I am Muslim, so please read the link below for more details.

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