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About Square Shaped Nugget Colouring Pages

Who does not like eating nugget right? It is not the word of the children that interest, that teenagers, adults are the same. Actually chicken nugget is very easy to make. In fact, it’s better to do it yourself. Well, all the materials used are certainly more secure. We can also ‘dump’ vegetables in this nugget so that children who do not eat vegetables will still eat it.


First of all, let’s look at the ingredients below.

Ingredients A

  • 1 large pack of chicken grated 800g (fresh chicken own crispy yet good)
  • 2 cups of corn flour (for wheat flour can be, but hard nugget a little and less tasty)
  • Black pepper powder (slightly)
  • Garlic powder (slightly) @ garlic powder
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Vegetables (the choice of carrot, cabbage, mustard, spinach, broccoli, etc.)
    Salt (or any additional flavoring should not be necessary).

Ingredients B

  • 5 eggs to salute
  • Breadcrumbs

How to Make

This is how to make it.

1. Mix it!

  • Firstly mix all ingredients A to the best.

2. Shape it!

  • When ingredient A has been mixed together, take a little bit and make the shape you like. Follow their creativity. Use cookie cutters as well.

3. Wrap it with the Eggs

  • Next, beat the eggs 5 pieces and stir a little. Then, grab the previously formed nuggets and roll them with eggs.

4. Put some breadcrumbs

  • Next, take breadcrumbs for the final coating. Make it flat.

5. Freeze for a while

  • Lastly, keep and refrigerate in the freezer to make the shape more solid.

6. Ready for fry

  • It’s a bit shabby, it’s fried. You can always fry a little. If you keep in the freezer you can stock for a few weeks. It’s easy, delicious and nourishing.

Everyone Love Square Shaped Nugget Colouring Pages

Picolour.com provides a link to download Square Shaped Nugget Colouring Pages. To download please follow the steps provided. 

1. Right click on the images above.
2. Choose “saved image”.
3. Or, you can click the image url HERE to get the fullsize image.
4. After that, download as steps 1 and 2.

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