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French fries are pieces of crispy fried potatoes. The shape is long but small and thin, about our sekelingking.

To french fry means “frying to a crisp”. The potatoes are fried to crisp called french fried potatoes, abbreviated french fries. The food is also called potato chips, meaning “small pieces of potatoes”.

Potatoes are from Peru and Bolivia in South America. In the fifteenth century Spanish people brought it to Europe. Apparently, potatoes can grow fertile. By the end of the 18th century potatoes had become one of the main meals in Europe, in addition to bread. From there the potatoes spread to European colonies until it arrived in Indonesia.

In America, farmers also grow potatoes. However, in the New England region potatoes are fodder. Then, Thomas Jefferson became an American ambassador in France. Where he served, Jefferson was fond of French fries. Coming home from France, the leading American man often presents French fries to his guests. As a result, the prestige of potatoes went up. Moreover, Jefferson then became the third President of the United States.

Upscale restaurants in America are not ashamed to serve french fries. However, the period of french fries has not been as long-slim as it is now. The sliced ​​potatoes are still thick.

One day in 1853, a man ordered french fries at an elegant restaurant at Moon Lake Lodge, Saratoga Springs, United States.

The restaurant chef, an Indian named George Crum, made the thickly sliced ​​french fries as usual. Apparently, the guest was not satisfied. “The wedges are too thick!” he said. The waiter returned the fries to the kitchen. The chef was forced to prepare a new one.

Potatoes sliced ​​thinner. “How the hell am I asking for a thin one!” said the guest when the second fries were brought. George Crum gets annoyed.

“Feel, I sliced ​​the potatoes as thin as a match!” she thought. Uh, apparently the guest was happy. So many other guests ordered similar french fries. Orders come from far away too.

The food was originally named Saratoga Chips and is a specialty of the restaurant. Then Crum opened his own restaurant. Seeing his success, others imitate.

Then, somebody can make a potato peeler. Fun! French fries can be made massively without having to peel the potatoes one by one by hand. The popularity of french fries spread from northern to southern America and across Europe and eventually to other parts of the world, including Indonesia. We have only known him extensively in the 1970s, that is, since fried chicken and hamburger restaurants emerged.

Potato chips aka french fries there are sold in a wheelbarrow on the side of the road, some are sold with fried chicken, fried fish, hamburger, and steak in cheap and expensive restaurants. We can also buy it in a frozen state at the supermarket for frying yourself at home.

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