Refreshing Sour Orange Juice Colouring Pages

Orange Juice Colouring Pages

About Refreshing Sour Orange Juice Colouring Pages

Oren, also known by the name of citrus or limarin mandarin has a lot of vitamin C content. This fruit is usually used as a complement to cooking or drinks. No less than the taste of freshly squeezed water, oren skin also has healthful properties.

With a variety of content in it, oren skin is often used to overcome the problem of body temperature, treat toothache and various other properties. Here’s a full review of this fruit skin!

1. Warm up

By consuming the skin of this fruit can overcome the cold, the way is by boiling some oren and fresh halia skin for about 20 minutes, then immediately drink it by adding brown sugar to taste sweet.

2. Prevent frostbite

In addition to warm the body turns oren skin can also prevent frostbite, the wound due to the temperature is too cold. The trick is to first burn the skin of citrus and then puree into powder, add vegetable oil and wipe on the part of the wound / swelling due to cold temperatures.

3. Overcoming bad breath

Bad breath is one of those troublesome problems, because we will become unconfident when confronted with someone. No need to buy mouth medicines that are expensive, just use your oren skin can overcome bad breath. The way is easy enough to chew directly oren fresh skin.

4. Treating molar pain

Molar pain is very painful because it will make you hard to eat and even talk because every time you move your mouth will be painful. You can treat it by putting a small piece of orange skin into a sore molar for about 10 minutes, it would be better if done before bed.

5. Treating cough

Oren skin can also be used to treat cough, the way is to boil the dried lemon peel for about 15 minutes, then add the halia and brown sugar, then drink while still warm. Your throat will feel better.

6. Prevent shortness of breath

For those of you who are easy to experience shortness of breath, or have a history of this disease, you can use oren skin as a medicine. The trick is to brew oren skin with hot water, then drink while warm, do not forget to add sugar to taste sweeter.

7. Streamlining digestion

For those of you who are constipated or constipated, you should try hot lemon water. Drink hot lemon water about 2 times a day to get maximum results so you will be fluent when defecating.

8. Increase your appetite

Eating is a source of energy for humans, if the appetite is less then the body will more easily weaken. Oren skin can help restore a decreased appetite, the way is to dry it first, after dry mix with tea leaves, and brewed with hot water.

9. Treating allergies

Allergies occur in humans are either allergic to any type of food or allergic to feathers or dust. Apparently oren skin is able to treat allergies, the way is to boil it in hot water, then strain the water and drink.

10. Prevent motion sickness

Travel sickness is a serious problem for those of you who want to travel far, motion sickness will make us feel weak and can not enjoy the journey. For those of you who are easily drunk travel you do not have to worry anymore because oren skin is able to prevent motion sickness. The trick is very easy just by inhaling oren skin during your trip.

11. Brighten the face

In the field of beauty was also very useful skin orange, one of which is to brighten the face. This type of orange peel can absorb the oil on the face and can also remove blackheads and dead skin cells so the skin will look brighter. The trick is to mix the dry oren skin that has been smoothed with milk. Then apply as a mask to all parts of the face, let stand for approximately 30 minutes, just rinse with clean water.

12. Smooth blood flow

Oren skin can also help blood flow, so good in maintaining blood pressure and also nourish the heart. How to eat it can be by adding the skin of this fruit in cooking or making tea then drunk.

13. Caring for sensitive teeth

Do you have sensitive dental problems? Likes cold or ice food but can not enjoy it because teeth will feel pain. You do not need to worry because by consuming warm water mixed with lemon pieces can take care of sensitive teeth.

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