Recycling Truck Collect Recycling Material Colouring Pages

Recycling Truck Colouring PagesAbout The Benefits of Recycling

The issues related to recycling are often the subject of discussion in the mass media. The government is actively implementing recycling campaigns in the community over the years. In my view, this recycling program has yet to receive encouraging response from the community. There are several benefits of the recycling program introduced to the community.

Among the benefits of the recycling program is that we can avoid environmental pollution. Through recycling programs, waste materials such as paper, glass and plastic will be collected and sent to the recycling factory. Therefore, the environment will be clean because the waste is not dumped to the heart of the river, sea or bush. Indeed, a clean environment will keep us from the diseases that mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats bring.

In addition, recycling programs can increase our income. Waste materials such as plastics, paper and iron are priced on the market. We will earn money when selling these items to the recycling factory. The money we earn can be used to buy our daily necessities.

By doing recycling activities, we can also cultivate pure values ​​in our daily lives. Among these pure values ​​are thrifty, responsible and loving the environment. Through careful savings, we will use plastic containers until damaged and not waste. Through responsible practice, we will recycle recycled items and will not throw them into bushes or into rivers.

In addition, we can save on the declining natural resources. With the recycling of old papers, we can avoid logging trees to produce paper. Recycling of scrap metal can prevent the metal from exhausting. For plastic materials, we not only save resources for making plastic materials but also avoid the adverse effects of the chemicals they produce.

Recycling activities can also open another job opportunity to the people at the recycling factory. Indirectly this activity can also reduce the unemployment rate among the people. Indeed, the people who have a job will be able to continue their lives better. People who have jobs will also be prevented from doing social problems like stealing and robbing.

In conclusion, recycling activities bring many benefits to the people and countries. Therefore, all parties must work together to successfully carry out recycling activities. In my opinion, the recycling campaign must be continued by the government in order to provide lasting awareness to the public. The school should make recycling activities as an annual school program to foster recycling practices among students.

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