Professional Wrestling Athlete Colouring Pages

Professional Wrestling Athlete Colouring PagesHow Vince McMahon started WWE and Monopolized the Professional Wrestling Industry

Wrestling is an American entertainment community since the 1920s. The weekend is the most awaited moment to watch live wrestling matches before them. Someone loves the wrestler to be an idol. Some even make the sport a base for their money.

Dumping company organizers

As a result, this sport has spread to several states around North America. Looking at the benefits that can be achieved, there are several promoting companies promoting wrestling in every area. They use the territory system where wrestlers only fight within the premises of a local company only. Additionally, only 3 television stations that existed at the time, made the sport more focused on society than watching television. It is estimated that up to 30 to 40 organizational companies are available throughout the United States at a time.

Give birth to a star

Each territory produces a wrestling star that has become a craze for the public because of their stunning performances every week, fierce scenes and attractive costumes. Between wrestling stars Hulk Hogan from the American Wrestling Association (AWA), Bret Hart from Stampede Wrestling (SW), and Ric Flair from Mid Antlantic Championship Wrestling (MACP).

Shortly thereafter, all organizers from all over America agreed to establish a body known as The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), where every champion from each territory will take on the most prestigious stage to win the World Champion title. The title drops to a wrestler from northern America, namely Buddy Rogers.

In 1963, a number of North American organizers left the NWA and formed another associate known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) belonging to a businessman Vince McMahon Sr. Their aim is to compete with the NWA. In their first game WWWF, represented by Bruno Sammartino, had beaten Buddy Rogers of the NWA and held the title world champion.


New boss and business

In 1982, Vincent Sr. has sold all company shares to her husband, Vince Jr. Vince Jr. has a greater vision than his father. He thinks, by highlighting wrestling sports to television channels, it is no longer a popular sport between the state and the whole world.

Vincent has rebranded WWWF to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). That same year, Vincent Jr. has signed a contract with Hulk Hogan as an ambassador to WWF. He has also invested money to commercialize WWF into local television station, USA Network. He went to each territory and signed one by one and then posted them on the tv.

Vince Jr.’s action criticized by several organizers as well as wrestlers. They call Vincent Jr. has ruined nature in the local wrestling industry as everything is about the business, no more new stars are born. But Vince Jr. promising lucrative goodies to all parties in the industry. He also provides comforters to the writers and spectators as well as broadcasting coverage throughout the United States.

Several years later, a prominent company emerged with the same vision as WWF, the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) belonging to a businessman from Ohio, Ted Turner. So in 1990, WWF and WCW compete with each other for a decade.

Monday Night Wars

The competition between these two companies is evident when both broadcast their plans every Monday night. Viewers can choose to watch either WWF: Monday Night Raw or WCW: Monday Nitro. For decades WWF has dominated the audience and won in competition and rebranded World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Vince McMahon has bought WCW at 4.2 million usd, then branded everything under WWE.

So 2016, WWE’s profits have reached 1 billion usd and at the same time make Vince Mcmahon the world’s largest professional wrestling industry. Vince Jr.’s vision and conviction should be emulated by us. Be sensitive to every opportunity that is served, because if you start first, you will succeed. Of course, this WWF is entertainment for you who was born in the 90’s, whichever of them, affected by the wrestling scene and each of their distinctive trademark skills. The author is very interested in Kane, because the masked style and trademark are “chokeslam”.

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