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Painter Colouring PagesKieron Williamson, Children Who Become A Millionaire By Being a Painter

Ever heard of Kieron Williamson’s name? He was born on 4 August 2002 in Holt, Norfolk England. His father, Keith Williamson, was 47, while his mother, Michelle, was 40 and worked as a nurse and nutritional therapist. She has a sister named Billie Jo.

Keith Williamson was a building contractor and in 2007, Keith was injured in his book and the doctor advised him to stop doing heavy work. Sad over what happened to him, Keith turned to Art Dealer.

Started his life by collecting paintings for sale. It was during that time that Kieron always watched what his father did with his many paintings at home.

Kieron, according to his mother’s story has a strange temperament. When he was one year old, he always watched the painting hanging in his house until his head was stinging. What he noticed at that time no one knew.

One day, the Williamson family had gone on a picnic by the beach. Kieron was then 5 years old. He has asked for paper and painting tools. That’s when he began to paint whatever he saw, the scenery of the bay, the sea, the clouds, the fishing boats and anything else.

But, as it is strange, Kieron’s painting is too beautiful compared to his childhood. According to the correct perspective guide and scale, before that he never painted and did not know anything about painting.

Upon returning from the picnic, Kieron left all the game tools and just painted all the time. Parents then realized there was something special about Kieron. The whole family encouraged Kieron to work on his natural talent. A year later, in 2009, when Kieron was 6 years old, a first solo exhibition at a gallery in Holt, the gallery responsible for the exhibition was Picture Craft Art Gallery.


Something extraordinary happens. Nobody thought that Kieron’s painting was sold! 19 pieces of his painting were sold for £ 200 – £ 1,500 with a total of £ 14,000! So spread the news of a child as a prodigy who is skilled with watercolor paintings with the advantages of having an incredible perspective and shading technique. After that many TV stations have come to interview and have not come a year, Kieron has become a worldwide concern.

Due to the great natural talent of the local gallery has provided a special class to learn with local famous painters.

At the end of 2009, another second exhibition was held. Kieron’s painting sold out in just 14 minutes with a sales revenue of £ 18,200.00 for 16 pieces of paintings. In July 2010, the exhibition received a welcome reception until someone had to spend the night and queue at the gallery door to buy his paintings. Sold out in 30 minutes with proceeds of £ 150,000.00!

Because of his greatness, he was nicknamed Mini Monet.

During an exhibition, there was a curator who had been working with the famous gallery in London judging Kieron’s work and declaring ‘He’s an old master returned’.

The baby named ‘Sweetly monosyllabic’ has been known all over the world. Defeating Pablo Picasso’s achievement as Picasso at the age of 9 gave birth to a work entitled Le Picador. But Kieron at age 7 has raised £ 150,000 in just minutes.

Among the paintings which were unfortunate were his portrait of grandfather, Jeff Warrick Jefferies, who became his personal collection. When the photo was shown, his grandfather was deeply moved by tears. In July 2013, Kieron had accumulated a fortune of £ 1.5 million! Buy your own home in Ludham East of Norwich at the age of 11 and now its landscape paintings worth £ 35,000.00 piece. Bookings also come from rich people from all over the world at a price of £ 45,000.00 a piece.

Among its greatest exhibition is that in 2011, 33 pieces of paintings were sold for £ 100,000.00 within 10 minutes. Kieron also owns his own company that manages his work, Kieron Williamson Ltd.

Kieron is now one of the world’s latest phenomena. It was filmed in German, Danish and French TV, the International News Channel – UK’s TV Shows and has also been a major hit in the UK’s premier press.

Kieron has also been interviewed on BBC’s The One Show and ITV’s This Morning. And filmed as part of the Channel 4 Documentary and broadcast on American and Australian tv networks.

His mother once said:

‘As a family we try to hold on to normality as much as we can but its nightmare to be honest, a big ethical and legal nightmare’. Keeping Kieron’s virtue is not easy. Pressure of feelings about criticism is just because some accuse his father who paints and uses his son’s name and various unpleasant accusations. Some also accused her parents of taking advantage of her money using her son’s sweat.

Therefore, they have appointed a special lawyer to regulate Kieron’s life journey.

The latest is Kieron’s offer to be the model for fashion outfit of a leading GAP-based manufacturer of apparels based in Los Angeles as a model and get offers from Samsung to become product ambassador, but for some reason both offers have to be rejected.

Now Michelle is preparing a book titled:

‘Kieron Williamson coming to light – the remarkable story of a child’s gift to painting’.

Quotes Kieron’s words about his future:

‘I want to carry on painting. I do not think I will go to University, but if I do it will be to study Architecture. I also want to be a writer. ‘

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