Oppa Gangnam Style Colouring Page

Jom Warnakan Oppa Gangnam Style
Oppa Gangnam Style Colouring Page

About Oppa Gangnam Style Colouring Page

Opp.. Opp.. Oppa Gangnam Style had been a real phenomenon since it first debuted in 2012. anywhere in the world would easily sing this song with its catchy lyrics and addictive horse dance. This song is originated from Korea, sang by an artist named Psy.

Psy had become famous in a click since this song being viral to all of the continent.This catchy song is about the lifestyle of Korean people in Gangnam, a famous street in heart of the Korea city where rich people lives in. The successfulness of this Gangnam style might be the start of Korean wave to the world.

It is so addictive! Op.. Opp.. Oppa Gangnam Style Colouring Page

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2. Choose “saved image”.
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4. After that, download as steps 1 and 2.