Learning Numbers Colouring Pages Printable for Kindergarden

Learning Numbers Coloring Pages Printable for KindergardenWhy Learning Numbers is Important for Kindergarden?

Mastering basic math skills (numbers) are very important aspect for a student. This is because mathematics is part of life. There are many problems in today’s life that require math skills to solve them. For example, determining the time / time to do something, determining the number of goods to be used, buying and selling in stores and canteens, bus fares and so forth. It is therefore very important that an individual is exposed to these basic skills so that they can undergo a more organized and comfortable life.

  1. Identify numbers

Numbers are an important base in math subjects because numbers are used in basic mathematical operations as well as in other mathematical topics. A pupil will not be able to learn further mathematics if he does not master the number writing skills, counts and writes the value of a number. In the early stages of learning, pupils are found to be able to count but often have trouble writing the numbers correctly and in the next stage they often have trouble determining place values ​​and rounding numbers.

  • Concept number

The concept of ordinal numbers and cardinals should be taught and emphasized to the pupils from the very beginning. This can alter the structure of the minds of children who often memorize numbers without recognizing the meaning of the numbers that become barriers to them to make connections between ordinal numbers and cardinals. The cardinal number is used to count how many objects in a set or group. Understanding the cardinal numbers is very important because with the ability to quantify and recognize the quantity of an object, the pupil will be able to use a whole number for four mathematical operations. Although the cardinal number should be given more emphasis, pupils should also be introduced in the way both numbers are used ie the use of ordinal numbers. The ordinal number is the number used to determine the relative position of an object or event.

  • Memorize the number

Activity memorizing numbers can be carried out gradually, ie numbers within 10, numbers within 18, numbers within 50 and numbers within 100. The most effective activity of memorizing this number is the drill exercises. The ability of a pupil to memorize numbers will help them solve other mathematical problems more efficiently and quickly.

  • Pointing the number

Activity pointing numbers will also be able to draw pupils with numbers and indirectly they are familiarized with the numbers and this helps them to better recognize the numbers introduced. Teachers can use number charts and ask students to indicate the number that the teacher mentions. This drill will improve the efficiency of the pupils in recognizing numbers. In addition, the teacher can use the number cards and ask the pupils to collect (isolate) the same number or indicate the number card that the teacher mentions.

  • Write numbers

Ideally students are introduced with number writing skills once they can associate the meaning of numbers with numbers. They can also start practicing writing numbers while still in the process of strengthening understanding of numbers. The writing of numbers for a number must be performed together with the representation of the number model, either in the form of concrete or a picture with the purpose of reinforcing the meaning of the number. Before using fine muscles, writing numbers can begin with the use of coarse muscle movements such as writing in the air, sandboxes and so on. Another activity that can be done is to trace popping numbers with fingers in sequence, clinging in sequence of numbers with color pencils on numerical molds and forming numbers according to the dots of the dots.

  • Number value

The concept of place value is an important aspect of the numbering system because the position of the digit in a number has a certain value. Students are introduced to a place value concept when they can read and write numbers for numbers from 0 to 9 and can count by collecting ten-ten. Among the approaches that can be used to introduce concepts of place values ​​through proportionate collection of materials such as using skewers, and bean seed rods. To reinforce this concept amongst students, teachers can also use bingo and folding card methods.

  • Call and write numbers

“counting-on”, (ascending order)
Among the activities that can be carried out are to quantify and arrange the numerator from small to big value, place the numeric card under the counter and arrange the numbers upwards from the scattered numeric cards.

“counting-back” (descending order)

For these skills, activities that can be carried out are numerical and sorting numerals from large to small values, placing a numeric card under the counter, sorting the figures down from the scattered numeric cards and completing the sequence of numbers in descending order.

 “skip counting (number in between)

At this stage, the pupils are trained to fill the exact numbers between two numbers. An activity that can be done is to place a numeric card between the numeric cards, name the number between and fill the blank with the appropriate figure.

Lets Download the Numbers Colouring Pages Printable for Kindergarden

Picolour.com provides a link to download Numbers Colouring Page. To download please follow the steps provided. 

1. Choose which colouring pages you want.
2. Click on that images below.
3. You will be redirected to the downloading pages
4. After that, follow all the instructions there.

List of Numbers Colouring Page Printable for Kindergarden

  1. Number Zero
  2. Number One
  3. Number Two
  4. Number Three
  5. Number Four
  6. Number Five
  7. Number Six
  8. Number Seven
  9. Number Eight
  10. Number Nine
  11. Number Ten
  12. Numbers One to Ten

number-0-says-zero-coloring-page windows-coloring-coloring-pages-numbers-1-10-in-number-1-10-colouring-pages-coloring-pages-for-kids-5-12269 number-coloring-pages-2 strawberry-preschool-resourcesnumber-4-four-preschool-coloring-sheet-number-coloring-pages-preschool number-coloring-pages-5 number-coloring-pages-6 number-coloring-pages-7 Cool-Math-Free-Coloring-Page-Download Learn-Number-9-with-Nine-Snowman-Coloring-Page Free Printable Number Coloring Pages Number 10 Gianfreda intended for Number 10 Coloring Page for Invigorate Numbers-Coloring-Pages

It seems that’s all this time. Hopefully it will help you to give the best to your children. Use this material best and make sure the children are happy.

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