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Number Ten : Learning to Write Simple Handwriting Number 10 Colouring PageAbout Number Ten Colouring Page

The first study of the transcendent numbers is the evidence presented by Johann Heinrich Lambert in 1761 that π can not be in the form of a rational number, and also that en is not a ratio if n ratio (except n = 0). (Constant e first touched in John Napier’s work in 1618 about logarithm.) Legendre reinforces this evidence to show that π is not a square to a rational number. The search for powers of quintic equations and higher degrees is an important development, the Abel-Ruffini theorem (Ruffini 1799, Abel 1824) shows that this can not be solved with radicals (a formula that only involves operation and arithmetic cause). It is therefore necessary to take into account the wider set of algebraic numbers (all solutions to polynomial equations). Évariste Galois (1832) attributes polynomial equations to group theory that evokes the field of Galois theory.

The set of algebraic numbers is not enough and the full set of real numbers includes transcendent numbers, whose existence was burst into spiral for the first time by Joseph Liouville (1844, 1851). In 1873, Charles Hermite proved that e was a transcendent number and in 1882, Ferdinand von Lindemann proved that π was also transcendent. Finally Cantor shows that the set of all real numbers is irrelevant and infinite but the set of all algebraic numbers is infinite but proportionate, then there is an infinite and infinite number of transcendent numbers.

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