Number Two : Learning to Write Simple Handwriting Number 2 Colouring Page

Number Two : Learning to Write Simple Handwriting Number 2 Colouring Page

About Number Two Colouring Page

The concept of fractional numbers may exist from prehistoric times. Ancient Egyptians also wrote mathematical texts that describe how to convert fragments into distinct notations. Classical Greek and Indian mathematicians study the theory of rational numbers as part of a general study of number theory. The most notable study is the Euclid Elements that existed from about 300 BC. Among the Indian texts, the most relevant study is the Sthananga Sutra which also includes number theory as part of general mathematical study.

The decimal fraction concept is largely related to the decimal notation value; both of these seem to grow together. For example, Jain’s mathematical sutras usually include calculations of decimal fraction approximations for pi or square root for two. Similarly, Babylon’s mathematical texts always use the sixth-generation fractions very often.

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