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A dog is known for their cuteness and fierce in some species. they can bite whenever they sense danger or to whom that they does not recognized or stranger. From cute little puppy chihuahua up to the most hideous (but other might feel them cute) bulldog, all has their adorable side of their own.

There is no other word that could describe a loyal dog as a man’s best friend. Usually a good dog will be by the side of his master up until their death. I remember a sad story on how a dog stay loyal to his master. Everyday, this dog named Rocky if i’m not mistaken will send her master off to the train station. This is going very well, up until one gloomy and sad day as his master die after going to work. His master never went back but Rocky still loyally wait for his master to came back.

Truly A Man’s Best Friend As In Loyal Dog Colouring Page

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