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Lotus-Temple-New-Delhi-Drawing-1024x808About Lotus Temple New Delhi Colouring Page

The name of the lotus temple (lotus temple) is tailored to the shape of the building that is like the flowering lotus flower. Not only that, its beauty is the same as the beauty of lotus flowers. As we look at this building, we will feel like seeing a blooming giant lotus flower.

This temple is the last temple of the seven major Bahai temples built around the world. Previously, there were 6 major Bahai temples built around the world, namely Apia (Western Samoa), Sidney (Australia), Kampala (Uganda), Panama City (Panama), Frankfurt (Germany) and Wilmette (USA). The Lotus Temple itself was completed in 1986.

Located at Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur, New Delhi, India, this temple became one of the main locations to be visited by tourists visiting this area. Moreover, the temple has the same rules as the other Bahai temples, open to all other religions (Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and other religions). This rule relates to Bahai’s law which further emphasizes the spirit of the House of Worship, a place where congregations of worshipers worship God (though differently) without restrictions.

The temple was designed by an architect named Furiburz Sabha, who deliberately chose the lotus as a common symbol for Hinduism, Buddhism, Bhai Temple, and Islam. The structure of this temple is mostly made of white marble, and has a resemblance to a flower petal and is surrounded by a total of 9 pieces.

This pool will emit a beautiful light when fully charged due to the reflection of light. Since its completion, the temple has won numerous awards in the field of architecture.

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