Letter U : Perfect Handwriting Alphabet Colouring Page

Letter U : Perfect Handwriting Alphabet Colouring PageA Very Long Story About Letter U

U is the 21st modern Latin letter. In English, this letter is called u or you, read [juː]; its plural form ues. It usually symbolizes a round closed back vocals ([u]), replacing the function of the letter V that switched as a symbol of consonant toothpaste.

The letter U comes from the variation of the letter V during Ancient Rome. Originally from Greek upsilon letters, which symbolize the vowels / y /.

At the end of the Middle Ages, there were two forms of letters, V and U, both used for sound / u / and / v /. The pointed V shape is written at the beginning of the word, while the round U shape is used in the middle or end of the word without regard to the sound. Therefore, words such as valor and excuse are the same as the spelling of the present day, but the words have and are also written haue and vpon. Finally in the 1700s, in order for consonant and vowel to be separated, the shape of V denotes a consonant while the form U for the vowel, it is born modern U.

It was at this time the capital letters U; before it was used capital letters V. At first, since the letters U and V were separated, V preceded U in alphabetical order, but now the opposite happened. The letters are included in the Roman alphabet by Peter Ramus in the 16th century.

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