Letter R : Perfect Handwriting Alphabet Colouring Page

Letter R : Perfect Handwriting Alphabet Colouring PageR Colouring Page Helps Children to Learn the Letter

Researchers and speech therapists also acknowledge the sound / r / is the most difficult sound to correct against other sounds. In fact, a chief researcher and a scientific advisor to Speech Buddies, Dennis Ruscello, of the Western University of Virginia, found that 91% of speech therapists had at least one case of unsuccessful children recovered despite the therapeutic method.

Sound / r / is rated as vibration. This is because the tongue in the mouth of the mouth is vibrated to produce the sound / r /. The correct / r / sound is based on the exact position of the tongue and the air only vibrates in the oral cavity. If otherwise, the speaker will produce another sound such as / l /, / y /, / w / or / gh /.

How to Download the R Colouring Page

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