Letter Q : Perfect Handwriting Alphabet Colouring Page

Letter Q : Perfect Handwriting Alphabet Colouring Page

About Letter Q : Perfect Handwriting Alphabet Colouring Page

Q is the seventeenth alphabet from the total of 26 alphabet. Derived from the latin alphabet, q is pronounced  as “cue” in English. In pronouncing the letter q, the pronouncer used voiceless uvular stop. The voiceless uvular stop or voiceless uvular plosive is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. It is pronounced like a voiceless velar stop such as in alphabet “k”, except that the tongue makes contact not on the soft palate but on the uvula. Q is  one of the consonant letter too.

As well as in writing down the letter q as in uppercase Q and lowercase q. It is like having an 0 with shorter tail for uppercase Q and longer tail that descend downward for lowercase q. Apart being used in the word, the letter p also could be found in the other writing system such as formula, mathematical expression and others. The example of q in word as shown in the picture are quarts, queen, quarter,quarrel, question mark, quiet, quick many more.

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