Learning How To Write Letters Colouring Pages Printable for Kindergarden

Who Want to Write Beautiful Hand Writting?

Beautiful writing is usually quite subjective. However, on average we can conclude that this beautiful article is neat, easy to read, correct use of punctuation and most importantly is not painful and annoying when read.

Undoubtedly there are many who like to read beautiful articles. But how many in the world have beautiful writing? To be sure, maybe the percentage who likes to read this beautiful article is much higher than the percentage of people who are able to write beautifully. Happy stories, people who are bad writers will love to read the beautiful writings. Right?

Ever heard of how the writing can describe a person’s personality? Let’s look at this study.

Study of Personal Hand Writing and Their Personality

In our life God has given two hands that are closely tied by finger fingers. This gift of grace allows us to write and keep writing. In contrast to disabled people who are only able to write using legs to replace hands. Think for a while! Each person is different from his handwriting. There are small cute, rounded bones, straight upright, tilted left, there is a right tilt and a variety of different types. The study done by Dato Fadzilah Kamsah is exactly the same. Let’s check our writing form:

i. Round Letter Style
The man’s writing is all round and cute. An emotionally concerned, caring, high sensitivity.

ii. Sharp and Flat Letter Style
People who have this type of writing are rational, working systematically, and skilful. Great!

iii. Tilt to the right
It’s said to have the features that are available to Individuals Extrovert, like telling stories, sharing information with others, being friendly, engaging with people, being easy to lead, easy to show love, courage, and generosity.

iv. Leaning to the left
It is said to have the properties of the Introvert Individuals that love to keep secret, be kind, unlikely to change, be loyal to lovers, families, organizations and countries but do not like people.

v. Upright
The kind of person who is systematic, easy to control, friendly, but not looking for a friend instead of looking for him, not wanting to be alone, and like to take the middle path.

vi. Mixed-ups Style
The person sometimes writes it tilted right, sometimes tilted left, sometimes sometimes small. His attitude illustrates the irregular and unpredictable emotions.

vii. Skinny
For people who form the thin and slender writing of this person will do the things he loves.

Steps to Change Your Hand Writing Style

There are actually exercises that can help our children repair their writing for the better. Here are 6 ways to repair the article to be more beautiful.

1. Write one paragraph every day
You can write your favorite song lyrics or story prologue from your favorite book. Whatever it is, do repetitive writing practice on a regular basis until your words begin to look more tidy and legible.
Make this writing exercise in a book, so you will be able to see for yourself the progress graph of your workout.

2. Use streaked paper
However, first you must make sure the lines are not too narrow, because you will be able to see all the writing more clearly when practicing. The lines on the paper used can be a guide for keeping the height and size of the letters.

3. Use a good pen
Any pen you use often to write, make sure not to over press while writing. Choose a pen that makes your writing exercise more comfortable, not too small, not too big too.

4. Loosen the hand grip
Many people think that holding the pen tightly can provide better writing control, but the fact is, it will only make your hands tire quickly.

5. Slowly
Similarly speaking, writing too fast can also make people who see or read it becomes difficult. For that, it is important to focus and be consistent, the speed of writing will be present naturally.

6. Try writing letters
Find someone you can make as a pen pal. Tell her the progress you get every time you write.

Lets Download the Letters Colouring Pages Printable for Kindergarden

Picolour.com provides a link to download Letters Colouring Page. To download please follow the steps provided.  

1. Choose which colouring pages you want.
2. Click on that images below.
3. You will be redirected to the downloading pages
4. After that, follow all the instructions there.

List of Letters Colouring Page Printable for Kindergarden

  1. Letter A
  2. Letter B
  3. Letter C
  4. Letter D
  5. Letter E
  6. Letter F
  7. Letter G
  8. Letter H
  9. Letter I
  10. Letter J
  11. Letter K
  12. Letter L
  13. Letter M
  14. Letter N
  15. Letter O
  16. Letter P
  17. Letter Q
  18. Letter R
  19. Letter S
  20. Letter T
  21. Letter U
  22. Letter V
  23. Letter W
  24. Letter X
  25. Letter Y
  26. Letter Z
  27. Letters A to Z


How to Change and Improve Your Handwriting

Ok, in this video they are going to show us how can we try to change and improve our handwritting according to some fonts that we choose. Its pretty easy but still need some practice. Let watch the video!

Well, that’s all for this time. If you want more colouring page, please come to picolour.com to get more materials. Thank you.