Largest Living Mammal: The Whale Colouring Pages

Whale Colouring PagesAbout Largest Living Mammal: The Whale Colouring Pages

The pope lives in the ocean but does not belong to the fish family. The whales are mammals in the cetacean group. As with other mammal animals, the whale has the following characteristics:

  • breathing through the lungs
  • have feathers (less compared to land animals, almost none of the adult whales)
  • hot Blooded
  • have breastfeeding and breastfeeding.
  • has four heart cells

The ancient whale evolved in mid-Eocene period, some 50 million years ago. One of the earliest whales that has been extinct is the Basilosaurus which has a small, obscure, toothless head. Basilosaurus is 25 meters long.

The remains of fossils indicate that whales originate from hoofed animals, possibly from animals such as the Mesonychid (live-wolf-like wolves) that gradually returned to the sea about 50 million years ago. Another possible alternative to a whale, Ambulocetus, a mammal-sized mammal, is 3 meters long, 650 pounds.

Currently, there are two types of whales, the whale Odontoceti whale, and the whale of Baleen, Mysticeti. Toothed Odontoceti whales are predators that eat fish, octopus, and marine mammals (sea), having a breathing hole. The baleen whale is larger than the toothed whale and has a structure known as a baleen shaped brush, to filter plankton from the water, and has two holes in the breathing fountain.

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