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Kayak activity has actually grown in the world. A man named John MacGregor has given a new breath in this activity. If previously, it is used for transportation purposes, but now it encompasses a wider aspect of sports, and education. In recognition of John MacGregor’s contribution to the development of kayaking activities, he was given the title of Modern Kayak Father.

John MacGregor is a Scottish British sailor. As he travels all over, he has had many experiences. His main experience is how Eskimo people build and control their kayaks. In 1865, he created a modern kayak based on the kayak he saw in the Arctic. This can be called Rob Roy. Through the years 1865 to 1867, he has been exploring almost all the rivers in Europe by using his invention.

In 1866, the world’s first kayak was set up in Twickenham England. The club was responsible for popularizing kayak sports throughout England, especially among sailors and British superiors. 7 years later, this club was awarded the Royal title by Queen Victoria. As of today, this club has produced many kayakers.

The British Kayak Association was established in 1887 and played a major role in introducing kayaking activities throughout England and the world. After the Second World War, its name has been transformed into the British Canoe Federation (BCU) and is a world renowned and famous kayaking organization.

Van Clauseen, an American inspired the establishment of a world-class kayak. On January 20, 1924, ‘International Representanten Shaft Des Kanusport’ (IRK) was established in Copenhagen, Denmark with 19 countries. In 1927 he saw a major change in kayak skills when Pawlata from Austria introduced the rolling technique called the ‘Eskimo Roll’ Technique he had learned from the Arctic inhabitants aimed at reviving an upright kayak without having to go out of it. Here is the beginning of the development of other yoga techniques.

The kayaking competition activity began to grow as early as 1924 in which the sprint event was introduced as a show event in the VII Olympics in paris. Twelve years later, in 1936. The sprint event was officially contested in Berlin’s Olympic Games. Knowing that in 1949, the world slalom tournaments have been promoted in gevena. Early in the 60’s also witnessed downstream rafting events. After that, the development of sports competitions continued to sprout from the polo club, surfinmg to the “rodeo”

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