Inventor Thinks Outside The Box Colouring Pages

Inventor coouring pagesFlint’s Inventions in “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”

The first invention we, as the audience, see is “a lace-less alternative foot covering…Spray-On-Shoes!!!” He just wanted to help his child colleagues better their lives by solving “the number one problem facing our community today: untied shoelaces”.

Next, he creates a “Remote Control Television” that walks instead of changes channels. He takes a different interpretation of not getting up to change the channel. You don’t have to get up’; your TV will come to you!

Let’s be real, balding has been an epidemic addressed by infomercials for years. Flint’s “Hair Un-Balder” really does grow every hair Tim Lockwood (James Caan) might have on his head/face.

Also, the “Flying Car” is something society has expected for years. Flint is simply trying his hand at finally making a successful one, which he does with the “Flying Car 2: Now with Wings”!

The “Monkey Thought Translator” opens doors to hear anyone’s thoughts. Sam Sparks (Anna Faris) puts it on Tim in the end to interpret what he means by “fishing metaphors”. This machine ultimately could translate any person’s thoughts into actual language! Kinda scary.

“Ratbirds”, I admit, is a bit of a stretch to solving societal problems. However, rats carry a lot of bugs and disease. By making them airborne, some of those diseases would be carried away from society. We won’t discuss the issue of bird flu.

The “Flint Lockwood Diatomic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator (FLDSMDFR)” is “a machine that turns water into food”. Ultimately, this machine could solve world hunger! “Water goes in the top, and food comes out the bottom”. No one would go hungry again!

After food rains from the sky, Flint continues to invent by making “the Out-Of-Sighter, so named because it catapults un-eaten food out of sight, therefore, out of mind”. If you are going to make food fall from the sky every day, you need to make a clean-up method.

Flint transforms supposed “junk” into something he hopes is useful. Although not everyone can see the value in his work, there is a logic to the madness.

Also, his inventions are practically indestructible. He thinks he got rid of the Ratbirds, but they are still there. His Spray-On Shoes never deteriorate, and “they don’t come off”. And even the TV still runs around the island. He is, in fact, a pretty effective inventor.

Of course, people see this as an interpretation of what the western world is coming to. Whether it is over-eating or not, we will see. Source

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