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We will never know anything about it if we are not in the field. Every job has its own problems and challenges. Surely you think that your work is the worst in the world, and when you change jobs, you realize your new job is also difficult. You will not be able to run away from the truth. However, there are several types of work in the world that are at different stages of the work, which can lead to death. Among them are carpenters!

Believe it or not the size of the timber we usually see is the usual size. There are places and countries that still have very large timber sizes. Do not believe you’re looking at the picture below. Try the shadow when it crashes below, it feels crumbling!

 About The Good Carpenter Colouring Pages

Surely you feel the saw that is used is the cause of this high-risk and dangerous work, but that’s not the problem. What is dangerous about this work is a misunderstanding of where the trees will fall. If you do not predict yourself, then your life will end in a huge tree. Maybe you will say that why not run? It’s because the size of the tree is too big that you do not have time.

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