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Bread Colouring Pages

About this Hot and Delicious Bread Colouring Page

Bread is one of the oldest food in the world. The long history of bread is said to have originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia. As they discover other ways to enjoy wheat. Wheat originally consumed directly can be crushed with water to form a paste. Pasta cooked over a fire then hardened and can be stored for several days.

The most basic techniques of cooking bread like this are still used in some countries although the development of techniques and types of modern bread is increasingly diverse. Call it Mexican tortillas, Indian rolls, Ribbon in the Middle East, and others. These kinds of breads are known by the name of flat bread.

While yeast bread is found when they store a little dough from the previous day and added to the new dough. Then a new type of wheat was developed which enabled the creation of new types of bread.

It was from Egypt that the Greeks took bread-making technology. The technology then spread throughout Europe and made bread as a food that is considered important by the community. In Rome even bread and wheat are more important than meat.

At that time the color of bread distinguishes ‘class’ in society. The darker the bread color consumed the lower the social unit. This is because white flour is expensive. But today dark-colored bread is more expensive because it tastes better and higher nutritional content.

Today bread has become a part of everyday life. Not only flat-braided, we can enjoy the bread of different shapes, flavors, and sizes.

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