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The squirrel is a kind of rodentia of the small, medium sized Sciuridae family. In areas covered by English, squirrels usually refer to the species Sciurus and Tamiasciurus, the tree-tailed tree tails that come from Asia, the Americas and Europe, except Ireland. Similar genes are available in Africa. The Sciuridae family also includes flying squirrels and squirrels on the ground such as land squirrels, prairie dogs, and woodchuck. Family members of Anomaluridae are sometimes mistaken for being “squirrel flying tails”, although they are not closely related to real squirrels.

The squirrel is a mammal and hot-blooded animal. The squirrel takes care of his son and is an animal that eats plants in general.

Squirrels are the social mammals in which squirrels and females live in nest together and then bear children. Squirrel nest consists of twigs and wooden leaves made in a relatively high and safe area from enemy threats such as snakes and predatory birds. The squirrel usually produces a loud sound to communicate with a group or a member of his family when they are searching for food or being harassed by the enemy.

The advantages of the squirrels I noticed were his ability to move fast and fast between one tree and one branch to another. The squirrels are able to fly with a jump from one of the other gullies or from the top of the bottom with the balance of the foot and tail. His sharp thigh made his grip firmly on the leaves or branches of the wood he was lying on. The squirrel also has very sharp teeth and is able to bite quickly to punch the skin of the fruit even the skin or tree trunk.

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