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Diffrences Between Muffins and Cupcakes

Overview, cupcake and muffins are similar. Both were cakes placed in paper bowls. Usually, people distinguish cupcake and muffins based on the presence or absence of frosting on the cake. Apparently, the difference also includes how to make the dough.

Cupcake can be regarded as a miniature cake and classified as dessert. The choice tastes sweet, like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. The texture is soft, soft, and light because it contains butter and eggs. To be sure, on it there is always a spread of cream or chocolate.

The technique of making a cupcake is called creaming. Creaming is done by shaking solid fats like butter, or margarine with sugar. Make sure the fat is already room temperature to more easily dissolve with sugar.

According to She Knows website (16/04/13), shuffle the dough can be done with wooden spoon, whisk wipe, hand mixer or stand mixer. However, make sure you install a paddle instead of wire shake, because the dough will contain too much air.

As in the manufacture of cakes and cookies, this method creates tiny air bubbles that make the crumbs soft. However, make sure you do not shuffle too long because the butter will melt. It can also damage air bubbles and dough to be oily. If baked cake will be hammered or hardened.

How about a muffin? In addition to no perbrosting, muffins are characterized by a more dense and wet texture. It was not too sweet, sometimes even made savory version.

Muffins can also be made with wheat flour and stuffing dried fruits or nuts, making it more healthy even though not as pretty as cupcake. Because it is more filling, ordinary Americans eat it as a breakfast, or a snack.

The heavier muffin texture is caused by the blending technique. Used are liquid fats such as melted butter, olive oil, or liquid margarine. This liquid is slowly mixed with sugar.

Muffins are easier to make because they only use basins and spatulas. After the dry matter is stirred, only liquid material is added. Simply stirred with a spatula. The same way is also used to make carrot cake and brownies. The result is more dense crust and rich flavor than cupcake.

Both types of cake use paper bowl, either thin or thick with a wax layer as a mold. However, most muffins are printed in a special muffin tray. This pan generally has holes 6 to 12 pieces.

It Is Delicious and Sweer Fluffy Muffins Colouring Pages

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