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Mari Mewarna Gambar Doraemon & Kawan-kawanya
Doraemon & Friends Colouring Page

About Doraemon & Friends Colouring Page

Doraemon is the first animation that had been recognised as Japan’s ambassador in animation to promote Japan. Doraemon and his friends which consist of Nobita, Shizuka < Gian and Suneo is the main character in this series. Nobita is the hopeless kid which always seek help from doraemon whenever he is in trouble especially when he is being bullied by Gian.

While Shizuka is someone that he had crush with and Suneo was potrayed as a clever boy who always bullied Nobita together with Gian. All five of them displayed a true freindship despite all those bullying episode. Nobita has a very kind heart. He always help his friend whenever them in danger too.

True Friendship And Loyalty In Doraemon & Friends Colouring Page provides a link to download Doraemon & Friends Colouring Page. To download please follow the steps provided. 

1. Right click on the images above.
2. Choose “saved image”.
3. Or, you can click the image url HERE to get the fullsize image.
4. After that, download as steps 1 and 2.

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