Disney Donald Duck Colouring Page

Gambar Mewarna Mr. Donald Duck Disney Cartoon
Disney Donald Duck Colouring Page

About Disney Donald Duck Colouring Page

Donald duck is one of the animated character in Mickey mouse series. Donald had been featured as a fiery duck that always wear sailor like shirt with a red bow tie. Donald has uncontrolled temper which usually become the comedy in this series. Remember how we hilariously laugh with his “duck” speech. The more he angry, the duckier his speech are. haha 🙂

Donald duck is one of mickey mouse’s bestfriends. Alongside with goofy, minnie mouse and Donald’s girlfriend Daisy duck, they form a very charming gang full of giggles and laughter.Other than that, Donald also is a very skilled man.

Quack..Quack.. It is Disney Donald Duck Colouring Page

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