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Potato Chips Colouring Pages

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One quiet day in 1853, a chef at Moon’s Lake House restaurant, Saratoga Spring, New York, made a light snack for her customers. He prepared pieces of potatoes served very neatly and beautifully on a glass plate.

Confidently, the cook hands over the food to the waiter for delivery to the customer. A few minutes later, the waiter returned with a plate of potatoes that seemed intact.

“Why?” Asked the chef.

“He says the pieces are too thick and the potatoes are bland.” He asked for another.

The chef was very angry with the statement he had just heard. Soon he prepared a new meal. Stick with potato material, this time he cut it very thin, almost like paper. The potatoes were fried dry resulting in a slightly tinted edge, barely burnt. Not torturous enough, he sprinkled a large amount of salt into the potato chips, then rummaged through them. This new food he immediately presents itself to the presence of that annoying customer.

After placing a dish that is no longer decorated with all kinds, he waits for the customer to comment.

“Delicious, wonderful!” The customer reacted.

Food that is the embryo of Potato Chips or perhaps in Indonesia familiar with the trademark Chitato. The chef is named George Crum and the customer is Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Every incident in life is secretive. Perhaps so is their destiny to meet, so managed to create a type of food that then one of the most popular food in the world.

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