Colourful Turkish Shish Kebab Colouring Pages

Shish Kebab Colouring Pages

About Colourful Turkish Shish Kebab Colouring Pages

Shish kebab or Seekh kebab is a popular meal of skewered and grilled cubes of meat. The word kebab denotes a wide variety of different grilled meat dishes. Shish kebab is popular in the whole of Asia. It is similar to a dish called shashlik, which is found in the Caucasus region.

It is generally made of lamb but there are also versions with beef or veal, swordfish and chicken meat. In Turkey, shish kebab and the vegetables served with it are grilled separately, normally not on the same skewer.

Shish kebab is an English rendering of Turkish, kebab comes from Persian which may in turn have been derived from old Akkadian language. According to Sevan Nişanyan, an etymologist of the Turkish language, the word kebab is derived from the Persian word “kabab” meaning “fry”. The word was first mentioned in a Turkish script of Kyssa-i Yusuf in 1377, which is the oldest known Turkish source where kebab is mentioned as a food. However, he emphasizes that the word has the equivalent meaning of “frying/burning” with “kabābu” in the old Akkadian language.

The American Heritage Dictionary also gives a probable East Semitic root origin with the meaning of “burn”, “char”, or “roast”, from the Aramaic and Akkadian. These words point to an origin in the prehistoric Proto-Afroasiatic language: *kab-, to burn or roast.

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