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The Kölner Dom or better known as Cologne Cathedral can be seen from every corner of the city of Köln. The only cathedral that stood proudly skeletons the city as Cologne was flat due to the bombing of World War II. Not only became the magnet of tourists, UNESCO also reinforced Kölner Dom as one of the world heritage.

The gothic masterpiece stands right in the heart of Köln and includes the second tallest building in Cologne after the telecommunications tower and is the third highest cathedral in the world. It took 6 centuries to complete this gigantic building, built in 1248 and completed in 1880. The construction of the Catholic cathedral was originally intended as a Dreikönigsschrein relic retreat or the Shrine of Three Holy King. The gold-covered sarcophagus contained the Magi bones (Three Holy King), which in the Christian tradition was known to be three foreigners who came to Jesus after his birth. They gave Jesus the gold, the incense, and the fig tree, and the three were better known as the Magi.

Kölner Dom not only captures the charm in its historical value, but the physical building also fascinates millions of tourists. Like the hallmarks of the gothic building, the cathedral is shaped like a tall cone with pointed peaks. Tower height reaches 157 meters, from platform tower visitors can enjoy the view of the city of Köln along with its Rhein river. But to enjoy the beautiful scenery, visitors must climb as many as 509 steps. Within the Cathedral there is the Treasury Chamber which includes the place of Dreikönigsschrein, the Gero Cross, the oldest cross made of oak in 976, and Milan Madonna. Milan Madonna is a wooden sculpture from the 13th century.

No charge for entering this giant cathedral hall, but if you want to enter the Treasury Chamber is charged at € 5 and up to the top of the tower must pay € 2.50. The manager provides a tour guide for traveling around the church for € 3. The tour lasts for 45 minutes and uses English. The church opens from 6 am – 7 pm daily, except when organizing church services is closed for travel. The Treasury Chamber is open daily from 10.00 – 18.00 and the tower is open from 9.00am to 6:00 pm. To reach Kölner Dom you can catch a train or metro and get off at Dom / Hauptbahnhof. Cologne Cathedral is located right next to the central Köln stats. During holiday in Cologne you can stay at Astor und Aparthotel, Gunnewig Hotel und Stadtpalais, Hotel Im Wasserturm, or Hostel am Rheinauhafen. From Cologne you can stop by Euro Park, Asamkirche, and Neuschwanstein Castle.

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